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Y'know, to the untrained eye tiredness could easily be confused with a total, out-of-this-world crack high. Which I have.. Tiredness, I mean. I don't do tha drug thang.

Anyway, just got done watching Popular, which was toally amusing but then really sad. And that poor.. couple. Lily, is it? You can tell I'm not a regular watcher. But it's funny. I like that Marie Cherry chick. She amuses me. It's like.. a bunch of people at school. /Exactly/ the same, and they're not /trying/ to be stupid or anything.

I'm a model, you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk!
I'm too sexy for my cat,
I'm too sexy for my cat,
Pussy, poor pussy cat,

Let's talk about ONE, baby,
You gotta hear me out
Do you really wanna be the last to know,
What it's all about?

Goosedammit! I'm tired! Tomorrow, I get to go... *BOUNCE* to my first Swedish trip orientation! Yaaaaaay! And I got an email from Erika - I'm so psyched! Gotta make it through Austria first, though. Y'know what? My math grade is gonna kick ass this goal. My last three tests have been 92, 96 and 93. Sweet, or sweet? I think the answer here is obvious.. *whip crack*.

And so on. 3/7 are gu-uys. Okay, how weird is this.. this guy I know got dumped, right, and now he's trying to convince me I like him. Granted, it was /really/ early in the morning and I was totally bitchy, and shot him down rather quickly, but I'm SOOOO not interested. *whimper* Only one guy's caught my fancy, right Amanda? *swoon* "Awww, isn't that cute wanna go to prom next year?" Just gracefully slide it into the sentence. Hey, you gotta plan early. Though at least I have my safety rope.. I'm one of the first to notice how adorable he is.. *cuddle* Mwah-HAH!

I'm seriously looking forward to going up north this summer with Erika. Strut around in my little bikini and release my inner flirt that's begging for a decent chance. Ehehe.

A walk? At 10PM? Of course!

I was going to say something important, but it got away from me. Hmph. Must've been a lie.

I wonder who reads this. I know Wood does, and Bean. Wow, it's been a long time since I called Ange Bean. I'll have to start again. Shall I explain the history? Here it is:


My nickname is just weird. Rebecca -> Bec -> Becs -> Bex -> And, for some oddly Mark-related reasong, Diana started calling me Sex. Dev used to call me babe. Till he got to know me, I suppose. :P But it made me feel good. So props to Dev, and to Naalti, too.

Right. Well, I'm too sexy for this journal and waaaaay over-tired, so I'm gonna drag this cute little tush.. somewhere different. Ciao, dahlings!


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