Jan. 30th, 2001

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Okay, the title sounds like the name of a kindergarten book. "My First Birthday" or something.. no wait, that doesn't work.

Okay, to warn you all. I'm going to use this space for my endless rambles.. stuff that happened today, points I'd like to argue out, etc. There should be a constant updated list of my crushes.. or not, because there's a link to this page in my profile and wandering eyes might find it... *evil cackle*

Today? Today was... vague. Nothing was really defined. Wood's been talking to III which kinda unnerves me.. jealous, perhaps? Nah. I wish we talked more often, that's all. I miss our 15-page rambles! But it's alright - as long as she tells me what's going on as it all seems to go over my head.

I have an English paper draft due tomorrow that I just COMPLETELY BSed... I really don't care right now. And I have my poems for the competition, which I will post here simply for reference's sake.. y'know:

Maybe if you cared?
If you dared
Dared to tread so softly in the footsteps of the past.
Nothing that you’ve shared
And everything she’s bared
Dare you reach out, hold her, so the memories will last?

Maybe if you tried
Have you cried?
Can you share the sorrow she feels when you turn and walk away?
Feel the injured pride
Watch the falter in her stride
How can you leave her hanging, waiting for another day?

Speak the silent thought
Redemption isn’t bought
But it’s something you achieve when you unfurl a hidden soul
Love was what she sought
Now she’s swinging, caught
In the web of lies you spun her as you hid your invisible goal.

Try to break the spell,
Risk, and snatch her up from hell.
You know that what you say is something she’ll try to avoid
Signed a scroll and fell
Naught but her soul to sell
And she tumbles from our realm into a never-ending void.

*prays* Please let my HTML work! Ahh.. oh, and the other one I can't be bothered posting right now. Maybe next time. Anyways, I gotta go.. talk.. mwahaha. About Woody's bisexual shorts and III's obsessions. Tolo!
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Just checking if my changes will.. y'know.. change.. I'm going for the black and red deal here. Gargoyle-ish, I think.. y'know?


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