Feb. 1st, 2001

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What a mother of a day... *rups her temples* Eesh.. Here's what happened..

- Di's a little late to pick me up, so while I'm waiting I go and give the dog some fresh water. They pull up while I'm doing that, so I don't have to time to grab money for lunch tomorrow. D'oh.

- I forgot my gym shoes and had to wear Daria's at VBall practice.. no problem, but her feet are two sizes smaller than mine.

- Had the second part of the chem test.. *flinches* Owie..

- I found out that people aren't as innocent as I thought they were.. a bunch of kids in my grade are involved in bad stuff... *sigh* Idiots.

- By the end of the day, I was SO pissed, and I had choir last. Wood, Hanks and Olga were being MORONS, and I don't care if they read this.. they deserved to get in so much trouble, but they're all Weiler's favorites so of course.. *grumbles* But I was in a pissy mood, so don't take my word for it.

- The mother of all pissies... Reports came.. *bitter grin* So now my 'rents are threatening to cut off the net. Fun. NOT. How will I ever talk to my friends? Especially the ones I don't see at school.. I mean, they're even more special-er.. Bah, tired, son't get on my case about grammar.. heh.

So now.. I downloaded a bunch of songs from Napster (African spirituals - High notes are good stress relief. Equivalent of screaming, but it's "art"!) and I'm sitting here screaming them at the top of my lungs, even though I have no voice left over from vball :)

Well, good stuff DID happen today, believe it or not. I got my laptop reimaged and it's SO much better now! I got to redecorate everything, which was fun.. heh heh. And volleyball.. well, we kicked ass! Di, Ashley, Wood, Keggy.... you guys rock! YAY!! We won!

Anyways.. if anyone wants to come to our volleyball tournament on Saturday, from 8:30am-2pm at DCDS, please come support us! We'd love to see you there, entry is only three bucks :) Have a heart.. we need you!

And that's all for me.. too tired to go on.. Will write again tomorrow!


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