Mar. 18th, 2001

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Woohoo! What a day.. let me recap..

I woke at 9.. rolling around on the floor. I've been sleeping there lately because I've outgrown my bed. Ai. Sunlight was streaming through the window and I thought "Oh, holy mother, I've overslept". So I jumped out of bed and took a running leap at my watch, only to realise that I had almost 4 hours until Angelica was picking me up.

Now reassured, I slipped into the shower to play with my moldable, orange bath foam. While dancing to the radio, I was tossing it around until... SPLAT. It hit the ceiling. And stayed there. So I danced some more, almost killing myself as I nearly slipped. Multiple times. I washed my hair thrice before crawling out, looking like a prune. I dressed and blowdried my hair before settling at my computer and listening to a few musical selections.

Diana arrived, then Angelica came and drove us to Somerset. We beelined for the foodcourt and settled down with our lunch. I spotted Mark, but when I looked back he'd disappeared. He later turned up with Di, so that was alright. After eating, we headed up to the Hudson's end and trawled our way back, cackling, etc.

Anyway, fun was had by me, at least. Dunno about all.

I was talking with Amanda about love and Love, the latter of which I am highly afraid. My analogy is this: Once you're in Love, it's like being tied to him with a rope that's been lit on fire. If you stay together, both of you will be burned. If one escapes, the other is left tied to the fire. Lovely. To be avoided at all costs.

Anyway, now I'm watching Futurama! Joy! And making graphs for chem.. ugh. Exactly /which/ one is due tomorrow?! Two labs.. not sure which is due. Oh well.

Yours in dangerous cheesiness.


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