May. 13th, 2001

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Yes, yes, I'm updating again. Angelica's been hounding me. She wishes to be mentioned - and here it is. I wouldn't update if it weren't for her. So you can chase her down with pitchforks, etc.

Right, so what's been happening...
We-ell, only three weeks of school left - They drag on forever. School's speeding up, etc, so I have a mammoth amount of homework to hand in. Pity I haven't done it.. ;)

And I got a solo in choir! *beam* The opening of One Day More, from Les Mis. I sang Cosette's part, a duet with Guppie. Beth sang Eponine's part (I swore I wouldn't sing on stage without her) and CJ was Val Jean. I was /so/ scared beforehand and kept losing my note - ask any choir member, I was freaking out. I had to hold Olga's hand on stage, and we shared a quiet prayer before I walked down the risers.. up to the microphone.. CJ sang, then I opened my mouth and my voice came out! Not shaking, not cracking, perfect! Usually, when I have to sing on stage, my leg starts twitching and I fall over. It's terrible. Y'know? Anyway, that all worked out, I was grinning like a fool, and...

I decided not to quit choir.

I mean, I'm finally getting somewhere.. I think I've earned Weiler's appreciation and respect. It's about bloody time. Mr Fremuth isn't exactly pleased that I'll have a 7-class load in Junior year, but oh well.. he's going to make me drop it as a senior. Over my cold, stiff, rotting corpse! But I'll settle that later.. Mwahaha.

Hmm.. what else? I'm dying to go to the movies. I want to see "A Knight's Tale", "Evolution", "Planet of the Apes" and "Pearl Harbor". So I should prolly start saving.

Moving on.. Oh yes, Driver's Ed. I can't remember if I've written anything about this.. so I'll say it over! *beam*

I'm taking DEd with Ange and Lois. We have.. the biggest class of snots.. in the ENTIRE world. The two girls in the front row? COMPLETE airheads. It's amazing they don't just float away. They whisper and pass notes for the entire class. Ack. Then there's this girl who talks. Talks like there's NO tomorrow (which isn't such a terrible concept..) Then Mr Brookenthal, our teacher. All I have to say is: "And so much for that".

Then there's my actual driving instructor. Well, I've had two so far. Mr. Flint.. learned his life story already. Did you know, and listen, cos this is amazing, that he's been through college 6 times, has a grandaughter named Grace, was in the airforce, is the only AF teacher in this area, wanted to teach but was drafted, lives up north and drives miles every morning, is loved by his grandkids, grows trees to sell to landscapers, and a million other things..

The other one is Mr. Weiner. The Hitler of Alert Driving. "Mr. Flint's been soft on you, hasn't he? Too busy talking to teach you how to drive? If this were the Road Test you would've failed by now. We're gonna teach you to drive properly!" Crack that whip... *whimper*. I suck at driving.. Weiner's car drifts really badly, Flint's doesn't. Weiner lets you drive, Flint doesn't. Each has their pros and cons.

Hmm.. what else.. Little things.

- Debbie's basement haunts me now! Even when it's quiet, it's still noisy. I can hear all the noises I've ever heard down there, and there are faces in the shadows. When I walk down there.. I expect Mark to suddenly jump out from behind the door and hurl the little stuffed footballs at me, or crawl out of the little plastic cubby house. I expect Elly to come zooming down the hall on Collin's scooter, or Carla to be standing there with the foam cowboy hat perched on her head. That basement has too many memories already, and when I walk down there, my heart quickens. And it's fear.. I can't figure out why.

- I don't know where it started, but I had something from Amanda's Forensics piece in my profile. It had been there for weeks. Next thing I know, her screenname pops up. It's Joe. I never should have answered.. but he starts bitching at me about how it's not nice to laugh about it, how it "probably upsets" Amanda. I tried to be mature, saying that if it bothered Amanda then she could speak to me about it, but noooo.. I ended up signing off, and yes, it's gone from my profile. I am so sick of him bothering me! I wish Amanda would just /tell/me/ if something bothers her, and not make me have to hear it from Joe. Because, frankly, I can't stand it!

Anyways, better run. Stuff to do, etc. I'll upload this, and I think I'll mess with the colors some. Tell me what y'think!


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