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Well well well.. reports came!

Don't you hate goal comments? Like the ones that say you never pay attention when you're the only person in class who actually DOES pay attention? Or the ones that give you a 50 for homework even though you've turned it all in?! What, does my homework just.. grow legs and walk away?!

So. When I go back to school, no more internet. Say goodbye to Mr. Online Journal, say farewell to AIM, and forget Harper's Tale. 8 weeks. Kiss my life goodbye.

But I'll make it. Just to SPITE them... Then, as soon as finals are over, I'm gluing myself back in this chair and NOTHING will pry me out of it. I am /so/angry/!

I mean, I have all As and high Bs. But it seems all the homework I handed in grew legs and wandered off! And all that time I was staring at the teacher for 45 minutes straight, I was actually not paying attention? FUNNY THAT... /I/ didn't realize!

Argh.. see teacher for tutorials? What, you mean go up to her room and waste a lunchtime while she either ignores me or has a little party? No /thankyou/. I'd rather get something DONE.

On a lighter note, I'm going to Sweden. Maybe I'll like living there so much I'll never come back. Wouldn't that be nice?


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