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So, at the lunch table, it comes up that Wood wants to flatten her abs. Okay, I think. Now she's going on a Veggie-Fruit fast. Ack. Anyway, she needed motivation to do it, and she really wants me to apologize or something to mark, and I said "If you don't do it, I'll never, ever talk to Mark again". Easy, on my part. But of course, she had to change it. The deal is set:

If she flattens her abs by her birthday party (June 9th), I have to take her and Mark to the movies.

Di chipped in and said she'd come too. Isn't that sweet?

So yeah, I'm SCREWED. But oh well, it should be fun to see if she can actually do it. Now on to the Weather. Frank?

Yes, thankyou. The weather look stormy on the romantic Horizon, as there's a cold front moving in. For one, Di won't talk to Marcus or however you spell his name. So I end up chatting to him in Math. He's.. funny. We learned how to say "bend over", "come play with me in my bedroom", "spank my monkey" and "give me a beer" in German. It was.. A learning experience. But anyway, as time goes on, he seems really different to her. She's so.. chaste. And he's so... not. But anyway.

On MY romantic forecast, a guy I had my eye on isn't coming on the trip in which I was going to set a few wheels in motion, etc. So I'm up Shit's Creek without a paddle, so to speak. Anyway.. I'm looking forward to the Orientation on Saturday, because 3/8 going are guys. Yay!

So I'm in the Computer Lab, critiquing Beth's paper. Top Job, really. And I'm bored.. and I /really/ need to go to the bathroom. So I'll wrap this up.. Torture you all later!


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