Apr. 10th, 2001

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Lookie.. someone hates me! That gives me a really warm, fuzzy feeling, y'know? Today I was sent this email, from alias "Hottie":


lately, i've been reading that journal you keep and have come to the conclusion that you seem to be a huge bitch to other people sure, it seems like the people who you never say their names but always hint towards are mean to you too, but sereously now! and this guy who keeps blocking you - if you don't want to talk to him, I don't see why it would matter at all and your teachers who put the bad comments about you on your report card, you should just tell them I really doubt they read your journal, so chances are they arent gonna know what youre thinking - stop being a wimp and tell them flat out and two more things: are you that lazy that instead of italicising words you have to put slashes /next/ to them? come on, it's really aggrevating and it doesnt take much more time to hit the I last but not least, you are not as funny as you must think you seem to be, because there are too many bits in your journal that are just so completely stupid, pointless, uterly NOT-FUNNY or AMUSING - like the pillow deal and where you sleep with it? who cares Im suprised you have the friends that you do with the attitude Ive only read about so far, which seems bad Im just telling you my honest opinion, I dont expect a reply actually I dont want one



Fun, huh? In general.. why read it if you don't like it? This is my /journal/. I publish it for people to read /if/they/want/. Oh, and there isn't an I key. If I want italics, I have to use HTML. Which is actually an extra 7 characters that, yes, frankly I'm too lazy to type. But yes, in response to most of your arguments, I'll write about what I want because a) it's my journal and b) yes, one or two people actually do find me amusing and enjoy reading this, hence why I update. So why dontcha just pull your head outta your ass.. there we go.. and we can start over? Oh, and I don't appreciate the way you put my name in quotation marks. It's Bex, okay? No need for sarcasm, sweetie. Oh, one more thing - You claim that I'm too lazy to press the (nonexistant) I key, yet you leave out a rather vital one - It's called a period, doll-face. It's a rather vital form of punctuation, much more important that italicizing.

So! Now that's out of the way.. Finished my history paper, though it sucks. Had a discussion with Jen about exactly /what/ is supposed to go in the conclusion, so if you know, please say!

Going to Washington D.C tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to take some good pictures to send to Kath, who is, right now, holed up in a hopsital having her knee operated on - a moment of silence for her, please.

Hmm, what else.. Oh, the Chem lab. I have to work on that.. I need my chem grad to come up this goal or I'm.. uh.. screwed. Yep.

Oh, anyone who disagrees with.. what was it.. Hottie? IM me - I have something for you.. *innocent whistle*

Write again later!


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